2018 Surface Pro 6 – Unboxing and First Look

I unbox and setup the 2018 Surface Pro 6. I also picked up the Surface Type Cover and Surface Pen to see how they work.

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Aaron from Zollotech unboxes and sets up the all new Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft. The new Surface Pro has updated 8th generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 chipsets along with a minimum of 8GB of RAM. There is also a new Black color and some new business offerings as well. #Microsoft #surfacepro #surface

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31 thoughts on “2018 Surface Pro 6 – Unboxing and First Look

  1. Does this supports 3rd party software installation?
    Software like photoshop and other software which we can easily install on any windows laptop.

  2. Wow your voice so great! I thought I only can hear that voice in Nat Geo channel. Awesome! Thanks for the video review.

  3. Hi.. I want to know whether this MS Pro 6 is useful for Video Editing? Such as Adobe Premiere Pro… or Sony vegas, or any other for that matter?

  4. Hey! Great video there. I've a question, can I connect my external HDD to Pro 6? I'm thinking of buying this device as I think its just the perfect mixture of tablet and PC. The important thing for me is to be able to connect my external HDDs which have a lot of my data.

  5. very clear, I love to see the unboxing and starting up, it seems pretty straightforward…I have 2 questions if you can answer:
    what happen if something happen to windows and does not work anymore? can I restart or it is lost?
    And second, is I use a program called charpad (for producing c64 games)…is the touching feature still working? Charpad works under windows….thank you!

  6. Any ideas for a first time user? I have this exact model and from the very start the Touch screen has not worked. When using Cortana or the keyboard there are some requirements that you cannot set up without using the touch screen (eg resetting your password or going back a page). I will need to get the touch screen running in due course but I need the machine up and running without it at first. Any ideas – I'm getting really p****d off!!

  7. I was interested in one of these as something that I could use at work as full featured regular compact laptop as well as a touch screen tablet. I thought it would come with the detachable keyboard as it is an expensive product.

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  9. Wow I really love it.. My heart is pounding just seeing the clips on the video. I always wanted this one since time immemorial. Wish I could have one esp nowadsys since my decade old 2007 model Asus laptop has just broken…. 😖😖😖

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