Activate Windows 8.1 using Microsoft Toolkit!

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Install, crack and fully activate Windows 8.1!

Use one of the following product keys during installation:

NOTE: Using one of these product keys to install will NOT activate Windows 8.1. All it does it allow the Windows 8.1 installer to continue. Once Windows has finished installing and you can boot to the desktop, you will need to activate Windows using the Microsoft Toolkit.

MS Toolkit:

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24 thoughts on “Activate Windows 8.1 using Microsoft Toolkit!

  1. Uh dude its like a note comes saying unhandled exeption and the toolkit loads like forever. Can u help me? 

  2. can anyone help me ? my pc installs windows 8.1 then says windows needs to restart to continue it restarts and the process starts all over again aka- asks for product key,re installs anyone know what the problem is ??

  3. it works i know that program but when i click on the link for download at the forum i click and nothing happens its says only allow and cancel i press allow and then nothing happens hmm mby its my pc problem?

  4. if you wanna decrease your video lag, get a copy of OBS (with VCE support, google OBS VCE) and a RadeonHD 7900 series or R7 250x and better… the VCE engine helps a lot with getting rid of lag in recordings… especially in a VM where it's heavily CPU bound! also… thanks for this video, it's helped a lot in setting up my software VMs

  5. unfortunately this doesn't work on the evaluation (trial) version 
    so I am wondering where can I get the retail iso ?

  6. So if I activate with this, I can use windows updater and any checks that microsoft has, this will claim that it is legit and it will work, right?

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