ArchiSteamFarm (ASF) – 2020 Installation Tutorial

Links Used:

ASF Config Generator:
Web UI:
NOTE: So much information is found on the Wiki, please be sure to check it out for common questions/solutions:

Let me know about any confusion or clarification in the comments! Also, let me know what other steam/gaming tutorials you wish to see in the future!

~ CrazyIan


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34 thoughts on “ArchiSteamFarm (ASF) – 2020 Installation Tutorial

  1. I added alot of steam games recently, which were free for a limited time and have cards. But the bot is not farming them. Did I config the bot wrong or do the card drop only when i actually buy the game? The bot just says there is nothing to farm.

  2. Not starting this bot instance because it's disabled in config file
    Anyone else receiving this error, Anyone know any fixes for this error?

    Edit: Don't rename the .JSON file.
    Make sure it is kept as ASF.json

  3. Hello so I donwloaded the ASF and followed everything but when i launched the archisteamfarm the console opened but just blanked, addtional info when I first tried to launch it, it requred me to extract the launcher. is that ok? or do I have to redo everything again ?

  4. It says that I have no games to idle because it says I have all the cards but when I check my account there are a couple of cards missing

  5. I DID EVERYTHING AND IS SAYING ** We don't have anything to idle on this accounts! ** but i need cards….

  6. it says we don have anything to idle on this account but I have 93 games and all of them have trade cards 🙁 why this ? does it because of i didn't activate the market? or something else

  7. I've got games where you can scratch 6 cards and the program drops only 3 of them. How i can repair this?

  8. config site not working!! it show this after download:

    There isn't a GitHub Pages site here.

    If you're trying to publish one, read the full documentation to learn how to set up GitHub Pages for your repository, organization, or user account.

    GitHub Status — @githubstatus

  9. -bash: ./ArchiSteamFarm: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

    On Kali Linux
    I made chmod +x but that did not help
    Any help pls?

  10. Can you please explain how to disable some games etc.? For example, I want to exclude and blacklist a game like CS: GO. On the commands screen, I type "ibadd 730", I get an answer from the commands page "finished" (or "done",I use it in a different language). However, when I go to the Global Config page, I don't see that game on the blacklist section. Am I doing something wrong?

    Besides that, a REALLY good tutorial. My thanks to you, sir.

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