BEST Screen Recorder | Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 | FREE | PART-I

In this tutorial you will see how you can record your PC screen in HD on Windows 10. Follow the instructions in the video to learn how to download and install correctly, and how to adjust the settings in order to record your screen in high definition.

The tool installation will give you two programs:
1. screen recording – Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture
2. Video encoding and manipulation program OR converting screen Capture to Video – Microsoft Expression Encoder.

Link to download Microsoft Expression Encoder 4

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21 thoughts on “BEST Screen Recorder | Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 | FREE | PART-I

  1. Beschissenes english spricht der Typ und bringt alles durcheinander! Mist und Müll ist dieses Video.

  2. How long can I capture? Say I want to capture for 1hr. How do I do? I recently tried recording. But the screen recording lasted only about 2minutes. I don't know how to record an hour long video

  3. Thank you for your information. I have a problem with Encode. Error: Access is denied.(Exception). can you help me?

  4. But if we want to record the voice over the video because voice could not be heard on the video you captured.

  5. Can i upload microsoft expression videos onto Youtube for earning money. I mean can i use it for commercial purpose

  6. Great video! This is very helpful. However, every time I upload my videos onto YouTube, they keep showing up with the screen pixelated. Please help.

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