Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Arcade) – (Longplay – Mustapha Cairo | Hardest Difficulty)

Game: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
North American Title: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
European Title: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Japanese Title: Cadillacs 恐竜新世紀 / Cadillacs Kyouryuu-Shinseiki
Language: English
Platform: Arcade
Difficulty: Hardest
Player Character: Mustapha Cairo

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44 thoughts on “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Arcade) – (Longplay – Mustapha Cairo | Hardest Difficulty)

  1. I remember this game I always insert a coin once I get killed nice one bullet ur the best in this arcade…I always be a fan of this great game.

  2. Oyunun hayatımda görmediğim seviyelerini gördüm sayende. Atari salonlarında Mustafa diye bilinirdi bu oyun. Çocukluğum Hannah’yı seçerek butcher’a kadar gelmekle geçti. Allah razı olsun kardeş.

  3. Jurassic Park brought me here.

    When you wake the Shivat…
    Mommy's very angry.

    After you complete the game, life will find a way.

  4. que juegazo por Dios, que crack el tio que hizo este video , yo por mi parte llego nomas hasta los 3 bosses mutantes de colores, esos lagarto fieros a veces paso un poco mas, buen video

  5. I love arcade beat em ups. One of my all time favorite genres! I need find a way to emulate some of these to play on my Xbox One.

  6. 19:12 Que crack! Yo me quedaba atrás de la pared tirando piñas y esperando que vengan de a uno.

  7. The way this game starts of on the first level, the jazzy music that comes on after the year is shown, it’s amazing. No other game like it.

  8. I've been trying to track this game down for quite some time. For a little while I actually thought it might've just been some weird false memory I'd dreamed up. I mean when I'd mention it to fellow gamers it basically went "you fought people but also sometimes dinosaurs, and they all drove around in some classic car…"
    Good to see for once I wasn't insane…now to get my hands on a copy of this

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