private video bypass

Important: How to use bypass for FREE? It takes you 30 sec – 1 min for 24h access:

1. Open this website on your smartphone.
2. Paste private video link and click “Submit”.
3. Then, the locker will show. It prevents the website from bots.
4. Choose one of the listed app from Google Play or Apple Store and install it on your smartphone.
5. A pop-up will tell you what to do: just install the app or keep it working for 30 sec, etc.
6. After completing the steps, go back to your browser on your smartphone. When locker will be off, open the website on your PC (same wifi network for PC and smartphone required!)
7. Fill in the form on your PC, click “Submit” – the locker won’t show and video will be start. Access works for 24 hours.


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5 thoughts on “ private video bypass

  1. can you help me? i can't access the site from my pc. i can join only from my smartphone, using the same connection

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