C++Now 2018: Rong Lu “C++ Development with Visual Studio Code”

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Free, open-source and runs everywhere.

If you’re looking for a fast and lightweight code editor, Visual Studio Code has you covered. Come get an overview of Visual Studio Code along with the C++ extension that enables editing, building, and debugging your C++ code across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Rong Lu
Principal Program Manager

Rong Lu is a Program Manager in the Visual C++ team at Microsoft. She has been working on the Visual Studio team for the past 10 years since she graduated with her master degree in computer science. She is currently working on Visual Studio tools for game development, Visual C++ tools for mobile development, and the C++ experience in Visual Studio Code. She has been a frequent speaker at many conferences since 2007.

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32 thoughts on “C++Now 2018: Rong Lu “C++ Development with Visual Studio Code”

  1. why just not building or rebuilding the visual studio community for linux. why all of this Eclips like stuff

  2. How to static linking in vscode,i need help with that…thank you in advance…..also hot to include the header file that we download from the internet for example SQLAPI.h

  3. So, question was asked and answered about remote debugging at 28:05. Is there any documentation regarding this question – remote debugging from Linux -> openWRT ?

  4. You don't describe how to setup a compiler. It feels like a kind of important step that you just skipped over.

  5. coding was easier before. you install a compiler start writing code click run, shit compiles. Now so many editors, even before you you become a programmar, just to run a fucking code you have to be a fucking programmar, you this fucking shitty things just not done built in. I miss the old days of Turbo and borland

  6. Hi. I wish you have demonstrated on a Windows computer instead of Mac. I have been trying to install Git Bash / Mingw GCC and implement them on VS Code literally 1 day and only managed after watching 4 videos and reading 10 articles. The article on windows' website isn't very explanatory. ( especially the git bash / mingw part is written with a few sentences only) .
    However thanks to this video now I have fully integrated the compiler/debugger into VS Code.
    For those who still struggle watch /read these:

    For general procedure: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/cpp/config-mingw
    For Git-bash integration ( gitbash is better than powershell ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnPhJHN0jTE&t=786s (it is explained at 09.50 )

  7. I don't understand why some people complain about her using a Mac rather than a Windows Machine, VS Code is cross-platform so what's the problem? I'm running it on my Linux box and it works brilliantly!

  8. it is nice, that the sponsor for this vid is Jetbrains 🙂 I used to love their tools, but currently I'm switching more and more to VS Code and I can't stop!!! 😀

  9. VSCode is the best keep it up. Was a skeptic at first but now use it as my primary tool of choice. Peek would be great!

  10. It still doesn't beat the real deal though… actual visual studio (especially with plugins like resharper or visual assist). Then again, not many IDE's compete with that.

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