EA Sports UFC 2 – Mike Tyson vs Cain Velasquez Gameplay PS4 / Xbox One

EA Sports UFC 2 – Mike Tyson vs Cain Velasquez Gameplay PS4 / Xbox One


EA Sports UFC 2 is a mixed martial arts fighting video game developed by EA Canada, published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brand.

The game’s artificial intelligence accommodates for changes in player strategies mid-game to make the gaming experience more realistic than in previous UFC games. The game also simulates “full body deformation” to connect players with their player-character. New features were introduced. The new Knockout Physics System allows players to knock out opponents dynamically based on finishing hits’ momentum and strength. The Ultimate Team mode allows players to create not more than five different fighters. Players earn coins after each fight, and these coins can be used for customizing and upgrading the five fighters. The career mode received changes. The most significant of which is the addition of female fighters. Grapple Assist, which is a visual tool that serves as a guide for players, was added to the game.There is also a KO mode that focuses on strikes instead of grapples or submissions.Submission, grappling, parrying, blocking were improved from the first game.Other features include Custom Event Creator, Title Chase, a multiplayer championship mode, and a practice mode for new players.

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33 thoughts on “EA Sports UFC 2 – Mike Tyson vs Cain Velasquez Gameplay PS4 / Xbox One

  1. Y se va la generación de ps4 sin haber disfrutado de un juego de Boxeo!!!!!que locura tantos amantes del Boxeo y no haber hecho ni uno!!!!!

  2. Если бы в реале судья так долго разнимал,то тот чел помер бы…

  3. Bullshit if dude didnt just grapple mike tyson in real life and immediately take it to grappling and tried to trade punches with him and he didnt connect with no immediate kicks to take him out mike tyson would beat his ass senseless and kill dude. He would of broke that dudes eye sockets and all the bones in his face. Mike tyson woulda beat the shit down his leg and caved his chest in and whole body fuck outta here.

  4. Tyson would be up there in heavy weight but not the champ. Boxing is only 30% of MMA. On the ground, Tyson would be destroyed

  5. Mike Tyson on any given day….. End of story.
    N O T E: Meanwhile, Cain Velasquez should protect his ears 👂 to be bitten by Tyson

  6. Stipe miocic would have broke Tyson in half.. A Boxer only can punch.. No knowledge of grappling, kicking, submission..and it's no different for Tyson.. Any ufc heavyweight can kill Tyson within seconds..

  7. Ufc is a very bad game. Knocks outs come out of nothing, ground and pound is always awin. And Tyson is sooo slow. They should make a new fight night or a k1/glory game

  8. They made Tyson wrong… Tyson jump.a bit into the faces of his enemies, while he punch. And MUCH MORE wrong details.

    If you dont have tyson's power than it's too dangerous to punch like this.

  9. Wait, you can fight Mike Tyson in a video game again? Oh HELL no!!! My Punch Out PTSD is going into overdrive!

  10. Man they need have a online open world boxing game where u can play with friends train and compete with

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