Fake scam “Windows Support Alert” “Virus alert from Microsoft”

What to do when your PC is “locked up” with the fake scam “Windows Support Alert” “Virus alert from Microsoft” website.

This is a scam website that often comes from advertising on popular websites. This one came from a clickbait “news” article at the bottom of the page of Newsweek.com. I’ve also recently seen it happen on Amazon.com. My client searched for lawn furniture. Just before and just after are malvertising ads for exactly what you searched for, in this case, the ad is for “Amazonia” patio furniture. Very misleading. The malvertising also often has the exact same products as the Amazon results, but for cheaper, enticing you to click. Bastards.

In this case, there’s no real infection, it just throws up a full screen website with scare tactics. Using CTRL+ALT+DEL and using task manager to “End task” on your browser is the way to stop it. Then restart your browser but don’t let it restore the previous tabs you had open.

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34 thoughts on “Fake scam “Windows Support Alert” “Virus alert from Microsoft”

  1. i was browsing twitch today and randomly some sound appeared in the background and said your computer has been infected pay 5000 dollars or your private information will be shared dafuq

  2. I got this the other day and it scared the crap out of me. i couldnt exit the tab so i unplugged the computer, turned it back on and restarted it. Now im glad to know its fake.

  3. It happed on my ipad before it had a timer and it said to download the link then I realised its fake bc when I restarted the Web page it just kept reloading and I could easily click off the page

  4. If you use bing/ windows explorer, and you try to click out of the tab really fast and when the box pops up asking if you wanna close all tabs, click yes.

  5. Those kind of browser popups, seemingly unclosable and so well disguised as a windows security message, shouldn't even be possible. Browser developers have part of the blame for people falling for these scams.

  6. Happened to my brother yesterday. He fell for it but didn't pay the 1900$ they wanted

  7. I'm currently using my boyfriends pc setup while he's at work (that he constantly reminds me is worth like $4,000). I was just watching youtube videos and went to the instagram linked in the description of a video, while on insta a notification popped up saying that some girl had sent my boyfriend 6 new messages, so naturally I open it and this microsoft alert came on the screen and really loud I heard, "your computer has been compromised by a virus. hackers in your area may be receiving your credit card information, home address, etc.' WHEN I TELL YOU IVE NEVER CLICKED OUT OF A FUCKING TAB SO FAST MAN, MY HEART DROPPED I ALMOST PISSED MYSELF

  8. When I first saw this, the beeping audio almost gave me a heart attack
    However, I do know how to fix this. Go to task manager, and close your browser.

  9. If you restart the browser, the Microsoft Alert tries to start, but you have a few seconds to hit Alt-F, then click on close tab. This allows you to restore all of the other good tabs that you had open. Otherwise, you are starting a cold session.

  10. It’s fun to call those scammers and mess with them then report them to call blasting websites

  11. This just happened to me and I freaked out and restarted my computer and my virus protection has been expired for a while and Cortana said my location was in use

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