Fate AMV I Want You Saber! (Gilgamesh x Artoria)

A Gilgamesh x Saber (Artoria) tribute
Happy April Fools! 😀

Footage from : Fate Stay Night/UBW/Zero/Babylonia/Carnival
Song: All To Myself

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The King of Heroes and the King of Knights. With clashing ideals, these two often wind up on opposite sides of the war. Artoria is often agitated by Gilgamesh’s attempts to make her his. Nevertheless, Gilgamesh tries his hardest to show the world Artoria belongs to him!
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14 thoughts on “Fate AMV I Want You Saber! (Gilgamesh x Artoria)

  1. I know right? There's no way to defend it, but love Arturia / Gilgamesh dynamic. They say you can't change or save someone who's pure evil, but dang if he doesn't make you hope she can! <3 Arturia is a total boss

  2. I know Gilgamesh doesn't really like Saber but I wish the creator would reconsider and make an anime about them having genuine feelings for each other, I mean they look so cute together! 😍😔

  3. I love this ship! They look so cute together. I wish the creator will make another anime about them together 😔

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