How To Activate Windows 10 with Microsoft Toolkit Step by Step(100% working)

In this video you will learn how to Activate Windows 7, 8.1, 10 with Microsoft toolkit.This is the simplest way to Activate your windows and office with Microsoft Toolkit.

Check all the below links and download the toolkit which is compatable with your windows.
Download Microsoft toolkit from 👇links
—–You should Try All the links —-

Link No 1:☑️

Link No 2:☑️

Link No 3:☑️

Link No 4:☑️

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44 thoughts on “How To Activate Windows 10 with Microsoft Toolkit Step by Step(100% working)


  2. 100% working lol consider all option before naming like that theres no option for home edition hence home editons dont get activated

  3. I had activated but had problems with password so i wanted to fix it… now my windows isn't activated anymore. I tought that I could fix it but now it's just worse

  4. please can you help me with keyboard light driver for asus G55v windows 10 . i have tried all methods but to no avail

  5. The steps in this video are not complete at least for the latest Beta Version 5
    You have to use AutoKMS without which you cannot activate windows
    Please update your video

  6. Dierser Received code from *Niekey . com*, Great value and fast delivery. Excellent service.

  7. can u tell me pls how to activate window 10 home single language becoz there are no option in toolkit for home window 10

  8. I sucessfully activated mine and it worked but it says: Remaining Grace: 40 days .
    So what will happen when 40 days pass?

  9. Installation of Microsoft Toolkit reminded me that there are no shortcuts…
    It downloaded some speed boosting software and some Bitcoin mining shit and started to OC my hardware…
    So Bitcoin miners get us install this shit and use our GPUs as well? Took a couple of hours to deal with all this shit.

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