How to Create Setup Installation File in Visual Studio

How to Create Setup Installation File in Visual Studio.

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to create setup file like exe as well as MSI installer using visual studio installer projects With a Sample Project.

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31 thoughts on “How to Create Setup Installation File in Visual Studio

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  2. Can we assign default installation directory on installation wizard? Something like "C:folder" @10:52

  3. Can we do following things using installer package like you created
    1) Install third party software using an exe file
    2) Can we provide user inputs in this installer packages. I need to copy folders from a centralized location to User Input location
    3) Change Server name in the app config file depending on User Input

  4. How to make 'upgrade to pro features' for my app using advance installer so that it could be install ony on pc for one key ??plz help us .

  5. Nach dem ich mein Programm installiert habe und ich versuche es zu öffnen passiert rein garnichts. Kann mir jemand damit helfen.

  6. This is very useful! Thank you so much! Most tutorials aren't that good, with people typing on notepad instead of speaking haha. But your tutorial is very professional and easy to understand, even for a beginner like me!

  7. Where can i find your video about …. How to Create Setup Installation File in Visual Studio With DataBase


  9. I was following it fine, except when selected the Setup project and pressing F4 nothing was happening. I tried all other F keys also. Now I am stuck. So, is there other way to open the Deployment Project Properties?

  10. hi, i use VS Community 2019 and not have a setup project in "other project types". the project window now looks very different.
    any idea?

  11. Will people be able to copy the 'setup.exe' file and install multiple times? I want users to pay and download file and be able to install only once. Not sure how the setup file will work once downloaded. Kindly clarify, thanks.

  12. thank you very much for this video
    do you have the same video tutorial but including the sql database ?


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