How to Fix Microsoft teredo Tunneling Adapter Missing in Device manager in windows

How to Fix Microsoft teredo Tunneling Adapter Missing in Device manager in windows
In this video, i have shown how to fix the problems of Microsoft teredo tunneling adapter missing in windows 10 ,Microsoft teredo tunneling adapter very important for gaming or streaming

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40 thoughts on “How to Fix Microsoft teredo Tunneling Adapter Missing in Device manager in windows

  1. Hello guys,

    I had to run CMD as administrator and enter "netsh interface teredo set state type = enterpriseclient"

  2. It does not exist in the same fucking realm as us. It's been 4 hours and I just wanted to JOIN A FUCKING MINECRAFT SERVER. Why did they teleport this onto a different plane of the universe?

  3. Teredo tunneling adapter doesnt show up on the right hand side!!
    I'm running latest update of windows 10 (1903)

  4. back to consoles. PC was a huge money dump, nothing works. MS 10 is a joke. 3k spent and after 20 hours this issue is literally not going to be fix-able… lololol msg me if u want to buy some master race components from me on ebay.

  5. So I called them and they said it was an “unknown error” and that they would send it to the Microsoft researchers and call bak in the next 48 hrs and I did not get a call


  7. nothing worked for me but a few days ago it was working perfectly, I've spent a few hours going over all the fixes for Teredo non worked but then i thought back a few days ago i disabled Microsoft One-drive because every time i install anything it saves to cloud and even puts a tick on everything on my desktop and folders, it was annoying weirdest thing i let One-drive run again in background and now i go into Xbox App and checked network now Nat type is open and Teredo is running again, I don't know why Onedrive can stop Teredo from working but it does check it out

  8. someone said this and it worked for me: open cmd prompt as admin. type netsh interface teredo set state type=enterpriseclient

  9. If this didn't work for you try this (Worked for me)

    Run Command Prompt as Admin
    type in: netsh interface Teredo set state disable

    Restart your PC

    Run Command Prompt as Admin
    type in: netsh interface Teredo set state type=default

    You can check the network in the XBOX app settings

  10. im having the same CRAP problem, ive done everything known to man and every trouble shooting and every youtube fix out there and nothing works… The Microsoft teredo tunelling adapter is not in my add hardware either!!

  11. I am so sick of the piece of garbage driver, i shouldn't have to mess with this thing every other week! this has been going on since windows 10

  12. hi, is there any other reason for the code 10 cant be removed? tried what you say in video but didn't remove the code 10

  13. Microsoft said to uninstall and reinstall to use the Xbox app. And has also now basically made my night a living hell, with customer support not calling me back and the such. Nothing has helped.

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