How to get Office 2016 Free (With Visio and Project)

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This video sucked, I edited on this channel for the first time, but I messed up with the audio, and I uploaded it 3 months after recording.

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27 thoughts on “How to get Office 2016 Free (With Visio and Project)

  1. Hi. Great job. I watch your videos last year and got office but it has expired now. What do i do please?

  2. Thanks so much!!!! I am almost done installing the files, however for some reason when I click on the KMS Auto Net 1.4, the only file in there is the "Read Me" doc, but not the KMS Auto Net :(, is there any reason for that?

    **Update: I redownloaded the files and I do now see the file but when I try to run KMS Auto Net 1.4 it never launches… I restarted the PC an all of that but nothing seems to work. One thing to note is that when attempting to run KMS Auto Net, I receive a pop message indicating that I should extract all the files first, but when I do so, it deletes KMS…

  3. Hi , i was wondering if I could use the same installer and steps for windows 7 or 8 instead ? Thank you 🙇🏻‍♀️

  4. Hi it didn’t work for me.

    It keeps saying “operation did not compete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software “

    Pls help , what do I do pls ? Thanks you

  5. *YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE* I'm getting this error while open above link. pls do needful

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