How to remove Microsoft Official Support Scare Ware (Scam Virus) in 10 seconds (08008021396)

Remove the fake Microsoft Official Support Scare Ware virus scam in 10 seconds. Asked to call 08008021396? It’s a scam, don’t fall for it!

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36 thoughts on “How to remove Microsoft Official Support Scare Ware (Scam Virus) in 10 seconds (08008021396)

  1. If this keeps happening, you most likely have a virus, not the web page scam. Follow the steps here :

  2. I was going on an “adult website” not gonna day what it was but anyway, I got one of there but it was in black. It said something along the lines of “you have got (4) virus!”
    Shout I be afraid? Idk if it’s real or not, I hope not

  3. I love you 😭 thank you so much I was going crazy trying to get out of it, watching other vids and reading articles that wasn't working until I found this vid on accident. THANK YOU!

  4. This happened to me and a I couldn't move my curser and I just unplug my hp laptop because I don't have a battery and it went away Ik I was fake because a wondows browser poped up

  5. Thanks so much. I really called them and when an Indian person answered I hanged up. I knew it was a scam. I fixed it with your help. Thanks so much and God bless you!

  6. Critical alert from my crow soft. Your computer has alerted us that it is infected with a virus and spyware. This virus is sending your credit card details, Facebook login, and personal emails to hackers remotely. Please call us immediately at the toll free number listed so that our support and engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone. If you close this page before calling us >:((( we will be forced to disable your computer to prevent further damage to our network.

  7. Thank you for this video, but it needs improvement. I am an independent computer handyman and I work with a lot of old people, as well as young, but computer illiterate, people, so I have some idea of what they are capable of. This solution is really not adequate for most of them. I offer the following points of criticism for the benefit of anyone reading these comments, and so that you may improve your instructions.

    First, it would be much easier for people to end task on the main application rather than diving into the intimidating process list and ending specific processes. I don't think all web browsers have a one process to one tab correspondence anyway, and even if a single tab could be closed by ending a specific process, most of the people who will be unfamiliar with this scam probably do not know how to use multi-tab browsing anyway (most of my clients do not even understand how to switch between multiple windowed apps and must close one to return to the Desktop before launching another). I realize that these people probably won't be watching this video, but their friends and family might, and they will hopefully share this info with those who need it.

    Second, please show your viewers the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC shortcut to the Task Manager as this is more direct, and the ESC key is easier to find than the DEL key, whose position varies widely. And be sure to tell them to click the Applications tab because it will not necessarily be selected by default.

    Third, this solution does not take Chromebooks into account, which some victims of this scam will be using these days. I have too little experience with Chromebooks to know how to deal with this on them, except for the method I describe in my next point.

    Fourth, there is a simple, direct, method to close these scam pages that I teach my clients and it works on any OS (as far as I know), though it is beyond the skill of some of my clients. Since the Javascript pop-up is what is blocking the app's controls (such as the X button), all you need to do is close it before clicking the X button. But it pops right back up, right? So what I tell them is this: use your right hand to position the mouse cursor over the X button on the browser (the RED X at the upper-right, as I have to explain) and get ready to click it. Then with your left hand press the ESC key on the keyboard (which closes JS pop-ups) and immediately (almost simultaneously) click the mouse button to activate the X button. You may have to try a few times, but if you click the X quickly enough after pressing ESC, you can close the browser before the pop-up returns.

    Hope this helps.

  8. I don’t even know how I got this pop up, I typed out “” and I immediately shut down my computer when I saw this pop up. I’m watching this video before I even turn my computer on again. I am shitting my pants rn.

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