How to use Microsoft Toolkit 2.4.1

Hey everyone,
this video will show you how to activate Windows Vista – 7 and Microsoft Office 2003-2010.
I will be using Microsoft Toolkit 2.3.2 to activate them.
FOR ACTIVATING WINDOWS, I suggest not using this program, It’s a few months old now but the best program to use is call “Windows Loader” by Daz
Website is below:
Before following these steps, update windows and office to the latest ones.

It’s not really important, either way,
you can still update windows and office after they are activated.
Updates still work after activation.
First step, right click on the toolkit and make sure to
“Run as administrator”—–to avoid any problems.

Second step, choose which one you are going to activate,
“Office” or “Windows”. There are to small icons on
the bottom right, next to the “Settings” option.
The first icon {[in the left]} is for Microsoft Office and
the second icon {[on the right]} is Windows Vista / 7.
Click on one of them, then it will open.

Third step, look at the tabs on the top and go to the
“Activation” tab, the second tab from the left.
[This applies to both windows and office].

Fourth step and final, there are different options to
activiate them but the most easiest is “EZ-Activator” in
the right/middle side of the program. Click on it and wait
about 1-4 minutes. If it is successful, you should see
something in the end saying it was Successfully Activated.

It’s as easy as that, leave comments and I hope this helps.


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41 thoughts on “How to use Microsoft Toolkit 2.4.1

  1. full version KMS Tools Portable 11.03.2017 :!1LBkBLBL!k8i1bVPGd087Nz0744iWu-LSOMiKHHqmhM80AJp_5vo

  2. I dont know… I've installed MS office 2007 and this still saying  Supported office instalation was not detected on system

  3. —————————————-
    Installing Any Matching Volume Keys.
    Attempting To Activate Microsoft Office
    Attempting to Activate OfficeProPlusVL_KMS_Client
    ERROR CODE: 0x8007000D
    ERROR TEXT: The data is invalid.

  4. anyone know how to activate office project 2013 using office toolkit 2.4? i have gotten MS Office 2013 to activate but now i am using project 2013 for work and need to get it activated now — any suggestions?

  5. office toolkit 2.3.2? ur title says 2.4.1… I have 2.4.1 and i downloaded it to activate office 2013. When i clicked on ez activator, it says : "Cannot Activate because this product is incapable of KMS Activation." what should i do?

  6. how do you know this app doesnt install sneaky stuff in your registry or elsewhere that log/steals your personal info?

  7. my windows still yells for validation.
    should i download the validation software from microsoft, or will that boggle things up?

  8. Either you have an anti-virus program that took apart files of the program,
    or you didn't run the program under administrative command,
    or the file you downloaded isn't fully downloaded or corrupted

    or your program using the new beta version,
    if so…..I think you can use the "Activate" option under the "Activation" tab.
    I haven't used the beta cause I don't like using anything still under works in my opinion, nothing wrong with it though.
    hope that helps

  9. i dont have the ez ACTIVATOR OPTION

    it says trusted data was temepered any idea how to fix this? i need it for school and dont have nay money

  10. Out of curiosity, are any of the options here things like the built-in -rearm thing on Windows 7, where you have to go back and re-do the process within a period of time? Not that I'm necessarily using this, lol, but I am wondering about how this particular program works.

  11. It's simple, go to the "start" menu, then "all Programs" then look for the folder near the bottom of the menu and look for either "microsoft office" or "office" and you should find all the office tools.

  12. Hi there,
    I just need a bit of guidance, Office has successfully been activated, but how do I actually open it?? There's no desktop icon?
    (Win 7 64 bit)
    Thank you

  13. Your Office might be activated already, but not sure, you may have to download and install the "KMS" from microsoft (dot) com

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