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We could debate all day about whether the original Surface Pro was supposed to be more of a tablet, or a laptop with a detachable keyboard. Either way, we think we can agree on this: The original wasn’t perfect in either role, not with its short battery life, heavy build and kickstand that wasn’t designed to be used in the lap. Now, less than a year after the original came out, we have the Surface Pro 2.

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48 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro 2 review | Engadget

  1. This girl is so freaking cute I used to not like pixie cuts now I am generally attracted to girls with em lol

  2. I'm selling a brand new sealed Microsoft surface pro 2 tablet bundle with keyboard and case
    Let me know if your interested!!

  3. Needs a proper hinge system though. If they made the tablet lighter and the base part heavier it would be better. But convertible tablets still make no sense to me.

  4. I'm purchasing this for my little sister. It's perfect for her in middle school! A pen to take and save notes, to work out math problems, and not having to deal with the stupid stuff imature kids do to the laptop desktop! And when the school day is over, she greets herself to Candy Crush and Piano Tiles! 🙂

  5. Can someone tell me if you can get photoshop on this laptop. Like Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC

  6. the sharpness of the screen SUCKS!! a lot of thins is blurry, webpages if fyzzy. I have a samsung 2014 edition pad. If the samsung had office it would blow this thing out of the water.

  7. how do you change the live tiles background to the same desktop background? You just kinda threw it out there without much how to do it.

  8. What about after two-three years and the battery is in a bad condition, is it easy to get it replaced? Otherwise there is no way I'm paying that much for it if there is no store that can replace the battery.

  9. One question: is it possible for Microsoft to release another pc tablet with intel iris pro graphics 5200 ? With 8 gb ram and itel ac wifi card ?????????

  10. So does this run a full OS allowing the installation of any program and full web use like a laptop/desktop PC?

  11. Surface pro 2 has program Microsoft world? or I must download in store, if I download in store it's free or buy
    Please tell me
    I want to know before buy

  12. I really like this machine, but hate it's repairability, which is one out of ten for every strip down review I've seen. On the up side, I can always sell it before warranty runs out – buy the next one!

  13. I just got 1 my God it is so awesome I just drag-and-drop in my dropbox and everything is connected with my computer

  14. I'm in love with  this tablet since the day initial model was announced but still sad that it didn't made to shores of India… :/

  15. You can use the tablet PC as is without a physical keyboard. At times, I use the thumb QUERTY layout with the keypad in the center, virtual keyboard. Great for short text input that is impromptu.

    For extended typing, definitely go with a type cover.

  16. I really wish I got this laptop instead of my chromebook. Even though the price difference is about 700$, I really think it would be worth it to get this portable tablet as well as a full pledged PC. In addition, the wacom technology (a wacom tablet alone is around 100-600$ depending on quality) is a huge plus!

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