Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Review: Should You Buy this or the Surface Laptop?

The 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro is a thin, light, portable and powerful 2-in-1 laptop. It’s the perfect tablet laptop hybrid for an artist or someone who travels a lot. But with the Surface Laptop on the market which one is the right one for you? Watch for the full review!

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47 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 Review: Should You Buy this or the Surface Laptop?

  1. how did you check the surface fully load? what program do use please? because i get more than 43C° i get about 60C° and i want to do the same test that you did to check my results

  2. Do "NOT" get this one, go for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, much better Hardware, better price, yu actually get what's worth!, an Intel Core i5 instead of M which is A much, much weaker Cpu!!, the only gd thing about the M cpu is that the built in Gpu is better than the Intel HD Graphics 4400

  3. wellp… my surface pro 4 died and now there’s a huge deal going on for the surface pro 5 core i5 8gb 256gb with pen ( no keyboard ) on Best Buy for $870 I still have my surface pro 4 keyboard and the pen but ill still be happy to get the new pen, I’m an illustrator and lewd content is literally my fucking job. I just want to know if I should get the surface pro 5 with the pen or the surface pro 6 by itself ( $1000 for pro 6 ) can someone help me out?

  4. Hi, is it possible copy/run two external 2,5" harddrives plugged to surface pro USB port. I want to buy this surface pro for my travels and i need to copy files from one disk to another. Also do you know answer for same question but for Surface GO? Thank you. Adam.

  5. It's not fair, thee prices are like the sae but for the pro you ONLY GET THE TABLET! No keyboard, not pen, no nothing. So i think the laptop is better…

  6. Eartha Guys Got Product Key from website: *Thekey365 . com*, Key was sent straight away. Installed without any problem. Nice

  7. Best Buy has the 7th Gen i5 with 8gb ram n 128gb SSD on sale for $799 that comes with the type cover. For that price, I'm gonna grab it. 128gb is fine for me as I will throw in a micro card n also use Samsung T3's for everything anyway with also done cloud usuage. I don't use mobile computers often but have an iMac as my main machine n need something in the Windows realm. I know this is an old review but if u see it, what do u think of that deal for $799? Thanks.

  8. I like like the surface pro a lot! It looks beautiful and has a nice design but I wanted to know which one is better to use for editing videos.

  9. I just got the Core i5 with 8GB Ram and the type cover for $800 before taxes. Yes only 128GB hard drive but I ordered a 256GB micro SD card for only $80 to go along with it. BestBuy is having a great sale on them.

  10. It's a really nice review I really appreciate it but I really want to know why is it not a good 2 in 1 for editing videos since I'm a student who uses some of the Adobe products like Photoshop ,premiere pro and lightroom and I play fortnite sometimes too, so can I still do my job with the surface pro option

  11. I’m looking heavily at the Samsung notebook pro 9, primarily for art and just everyday use. No gaming or anything crazy. I wrote off the surface for price, but they’re currently on sale so now I’m conflicted. How does the surface compare against the Samsung?

  12. U think everybody has an unlimited budget "o get this one its only 500$ more but who cares i have money so everyone else has to"

  13. when my 2 surface pros died during the warrant period . Microsoft replaced both with models that did not have the functionality of the originals. thanks Microsoft . when i squealed about it they just ignored me, and after a lot  protesting and demands for arbitration. nothing !Australian customer have no access to arbitration. outcome was suck it up princess. thank you Microsoft. i have 3 surface pros and 3 ipad pros. the surface support is rubbish and they do not give a flying f about their customers.

  14. I wouldn't agree when he said that you should get the i5/8GB RAM/256GB. I have the i5/4GB/128GB Memory and it works out really well for me. I bought the i5/4GB RAM for work and it does everything that I need it to do without having any lag. I am usually an Apple fanboy but I was forced to buy a window's device bc the programs we use are mainly cloud based. Speaking of which, I don't think you'll need more than 128GB of memory bc right out of the box you get 1TB of memory from OneDrive. 1TB of cloud storage is more than what the average user needs and for my needs it's more than enough. I haven't run into any issues yet with my SP 2017 and it works just like a normal laptop/windows tablet. It uses the same programs a normal laptop uses but it's smaller, nor compact and I love how it's really a tablet that turns into a laptop. I did my research and for the price, you wouldn't be able to buy a Surfacebook. A Surfacebook is just too large and it costs a lot more bc it's really a laptop that can be used like a tablet but what I wanted was a tablet that can be used as a laptop. All in all, I would choose the SP 2017 with the i5/4GB/128GB memory. It's more than enough for the average user.

  15. If you're gonna get a laptop, there are better laptops out there with better specs for cheaper price.

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