Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Review

Microsoft’s new wireless display adapter is a wireless HDMI dongle that uses Miracast to stream your device to any HDMI screen, such as a TV. It lets you stream Windows 10 to a TV, stream Android to a TV, but unfortunately not iOS or OSX, which both use Airplay.
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23 thoughts on “Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Review

  1. So I can connect this to my second monitor an mirror the screen and my main monitor? At 60hz i presume?

  2. could you please help me how to connect wireless my laptop to tv which i have Microsoft display adapter device on my tv. I can connect my cell phone but how for laptop

  3. Tks the upload, you show the simple it should be. My screen doesn't have a USB port only HDMIs. Will I compromise if I use an adapter? Many tks

  4. Since the USB is for power, does it have to go into the pc, or can it go into a wall adapter? (My pc monitor does not have a usb port)

  5. That moment when you realize your neighbor has one and is watching porn with you lol. Mine is a wired one, the latency is awful at like 20ms, barely even keeps up with my mouse. I'm in desperate need of a good one.

  6. I see version codes or part numbers like CG4-00005, P3Q-00001, P3Q-00005, etc. and I can't fund a guide ti decode what these mean. Anybody knows what do they mean?
    Also, what is the latest version of this device and how can be sure I am buying the latest?

  7. Next time shut yo bitch ass up and show us wtf we gotta do, nobody gives a fuck about all the other shit you running yo mouth about fuck nigga

  8. Every time I'm trying to research something tech related and I accidentally click on one of this guy's videos, it's almost like somebody just waved their dick in my face. He's funny but god damn it, some times it makes me reee.

  9. Is this better than the first version? I am looking to buy it and don't know which one I should get. So if its better I will get this one.
    Thanks T

  10. It's a good bit if kit had mine for about 2years now and it just sits plugged into the back of my telly when I want to watch say a video from show box or full screen youtube no problem I can even play my android games with it on large screen. I use mine with samsung android also tablet and it works brilliant. My opinion it's worth the money……

  11. My Bluetooth dosnt work will this allow me to connect xbox controller to pc or do I have to get a Bluetooth dongle

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