Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2 Review – New 2016 Version – Windows and Android

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter has the lowest latency of any Miracast / screen casting device I’ve tested so far. Subscribe for more!


1:03 – Hardware overview
1:54 – Streaming / Casting from Android device
3:01 – Game latency / lag from Android
3:46 – Casting from Windows
4:27 – Game casting lag / latency on Windows
5:27 – Windows configuration app
5:51 – Overscan adjustment
7:37 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is the second iteration of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. It allows Android and Windows devices to connect via the Miracast or Intel WiDi protocols.

At $49 it’s more expensive than a Chromecast that does more, but it also has some of the lowest latency I’ve seen on a screen casting device. It still isn’t great for gaming but it’s much better than I’ve seen on other Miracast devices.

I have found connectivity to sometimes be hit or miss. Sometimes it takes a long time to connect, other times it doesn’t connect at all. There is no master compatibility list but generally any Windows device that came with Windows 8 or 10 should work. Android devices running 4.4 KitKat or later should also work.

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22 thoughts on “Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2 Review – New 2016 Version – Windows and Android

  1. Anyone used it with Panasonic PT-LB383 projectors? It doesn't seem to work with several units in my office?

  2. Hi guys. Do you know if I can stream to 3 different TV's simultaneously using this? Lets say, I connect one to each of my TV's and the stream from my computer. Would it work on all the TVs at the same time? Or any other alternatives? Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi

    You mentioned using a phone charger to plug it in. How would you plug a phone charger into a USB port?

    Thank you

  4. It may have the lowest latency and work better, but it stutters and lags its way through any net content wether it's Netflix or You tube. Unwatchable and annoying to say the least. I'm returning mine to the store. And yes I've done updates, turned off this, switched on that etc etc. which I shouldn't have to do for a supposedly plug and play device, if I want to stream my laptop to TV I'm going back to using HDMI cable. Microsoft needs to work on this a bit more, too many issues.

  5. I want to use my galaxy s7 with an hd monitor to play video games, what do you recommend me? i don't want lag while playing

  6. So is a wifi connection required at all? Fot example, to connect the Microsoft Wireless Adapter(HDMI Port on my TV), to an Android or Windows PC…?

    This is an issue for say playing video from an iphone to an apple tv3, but there's no wifi connection present to use it on…

    Same concept, but does this Microsoft Wireless Adapter work without any wifi or internet connection present, to cast from an android device or a Windows PC..??

  7. hi i can't do it with my motorola z2 play android nougat 7.1.1 … do u have another explanation…

  8. Amazon FireStick is the worst for casting from a Windows laptop/PC/mobile, the latency is in seconds and not milliseconds. But most often the videos freeze and the Firestick OS crashes, resulting in FS rebooting frequently. Though casting from Android phones is almost lag free becoz FS itself is Android based. So i think it's some kind of product-incompatibility war between Amazon + Google and Microsoft. It's the end user who is paying for and suffering. I think the law makers/standard setters should intervene and teach these brats some manners.

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