[MIN TV] MIN speaking English, German, Korean, Japanese and Rap Challenge!!!

Someone asked for a video of MIN speaking English. Here you go! Check it out!!! Don’t forget the Rap challenge at the end! Enjoy! I love U
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[MIN TV] MIN speaking English, German, Korean, Japanese and Rap Challenge!!!
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28 thoughts on “[MIN TV] MIN speaking English, German, Korean, Japanese and Rap Challenge!!!

  1. Đừng quên bật CC nhé! Còn bạn thích tiếng nào nhất vậy??? Comment cho Min biết nha! !
    What kind of language do you speak? Comment and let me know guys! and listen to this with me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWz4fITO5qg

  2. E không biết c min có thể nói tiếng Đức!! Wenn du möchtest, können wir auch ab und zu auf deutsch sprechen!

  3. Vielen Dank für die freundliche Beachtung meiner Meinung 🤗
    Ich spreche Deutsch, English, Francais (weniger gut Italiano, Espagnol und Andere).
    Mein Vietnamesisch ist leider recht schlecht 🙄 obwohl ich vietnamesische Familie habe 😏
    Ich denke Du hast eine Strategie für Europa? Ansonsten können wir uns gerne darüber unterhalten, wenn Du möchtest, ich hätte da ein oder zwei Vorschläge bzw. Kontakte … 😊

    Thank you for kindly considering my opinion 🤗

    I speak Deutsch, English, Francais (less well Italiano, Espagnol and others).

    My Vietnamese is unfortunately quite bad 🙄 although I have Vietnamese family 😏

    But that's another story..

    I think you have a strategy for Europe?Otherwise we can talk about it, if you like, I have one or two suggestions or contacts … 😊

  4. 1 ca sĩ có thể nói tận 5 thứ tiếng, có thể hát, có thể rap, lại cực xinh, ôi thực sự em đã có 1 khoảng 1 thời gian rất mê chị và giờ em gặp lại chị lại càng cuồng hơn 😍

  5. Lúc em nghe intro giới thiệu bằng tiếng Hàn của c ấy, em thấy cái intonation nó na ná tiếng Nhậttt😂

  6. Wow. Compare Min's level of English fluency with some kpop idols who can barely make coherent basic sentences, and add to that the fact that she speaks 3 other foreign languages… Min truly is an amazing artist! Love your songs and stay safe from a Romanian living in London who is your fan! (I also love Chinese history and tried to learn a bit of Mandarin Chinese, so I totally feel your pain with learning "katakana" – pictographic languages are monsters of linguistics! :))) )

    Germany was still lovely the last time I went there this past winter for the amazing Christmas market in Koln, but sadly I think big festive events like their traditional Christmas markets will be cancelled for who knows how many years now… (even if we get a vaccine I think large gatherings will be avoided out of safety concerns for a while) Still, both Germany and Vietnam are doing well with containing this ourbreak (Vietnam did much better but Germany is keeping it under control more than other European states) so hopefully we'll all survive this without losing loved ones and you'll get to see your adoptive European country again in the near future! Much love from the other side of Eurasia!

  7. Es ist ok, wenn dein Deutsch ein bisschen untergegangen ist. Doch ich finde es klingt immer noch sehr flüssig <3

  8. I’m taking German in high school so seeing you speak German here makes me happy❤️❤️ I love your rap too💕💕

  9. Min❤️❤️🥰🥰 I love your songs!!❤️❤️ You’re so cute when you speak English and German🥰🥰🥰

  10. Hallo Min, sehr interessant. Ich bin überrascht dass Du keine (echte) Medienpräsenz in Deutschland / Europa hast.
    Woran liegt das? Es gibt hier doch auch eine relativ grosse Viet ExPat community?
    Wie auch in Frankreich.
    Vielleicht sollte man das ändern ^^

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