Movie Maker Tutorial (MOVIEZILLA) ★ STEP BY STEP FOR BEGINNERS | Windows 10

#MovieMaker8.0.3.8 | #FullTutorial for #beginners #2020EditingTool

In this video, I show you how to use Moviezilla, also marketed as Windows Movie Maker version 2020 to edit your videos and photos. This Tutorial is for the version of movie maker also called Moviezilla. In case you are wondering if this is really the new version of windows movie maker, IT IS NOT. But it is still a capable editing software. So incase you have already downloaded it, here is a tutorial to show you how to use it.
I will demonstrate How to Add images, Edit, Transitions, Music, Filters, Export and More. I show you How to Add, Edit, Transitions, Filters, Export and More…. This is a complete Tutorial for this version of movie maker.
Movie maker 2020
1) 3.02 Import files
2) 4.40 trim/cut clips and adjust photo timing
3) 8.31 adjust audio
4) 9.04 speed up a clip
5) 10.10 caption/ credit
6) 14.56 transitions
7) 16.32 music
8) 19.00 add filters
9) 19.53 add overlay
10) 10.30 add extra track
11) 21.21 add narration
12) 22.21 export/save video or slideshow






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39 thoughts on “Movie Maker Tutorial (MOVIEZILLA) ★ STEP BY STEP FOR BEGINNERS | Windows 10

  1. This Video Editor is FALSELY marketed as Windows Movie Maker.
    To Get The Original FREE Version of Windows Movie Maker CLick Here:
    This is a tutorial for those who have already downloaded this version called Moviezilla.

  2. I have not had a chance to install and use this software; but I watched your entire video tutorial and how can I go wrong. Looks like you have done some teaching before. I saved your YouTube link and will use it again and again after I downloaded and install Movie Maker. Thanks …it is one of the best tutorial video I've seen. Cheers!

  3. Is there anything like chroma key to change the background? If yes, can you please make another video on it?

  4. I just bought Win Movie Maker. Is it legit? I somehow feel I have been scammed. Why isn't it called Windows Movie Maker?

  5. I had the old movie maker down. This one seems confusing. Basic tasks on windows movie maker seem almost impossible on this program.

  6. This is not Windows 10 Movie Maker. If you have Windows 10 then you have a free video editor already installed for you for free. Just type "video editor" in the search bar. Do not buy the inferior "Moviezilla". When you are ready to get a video editor with more features there are many much better than this one and some of them actually free.

  7. thanks it's such an amazing video editor check out my work

  8. Thank you that was so helpful. I am one of those who has always muddled through software.. like trying to do something without reading the instructions. I decided to make an effort to learn properly and it has paid off.

  9. Hi @naturalvita, can I ask you a very important question?
    I am editing a video with a deadline of Wednesday and I don't know how to do an action that seriously influences all of my work.
    Its Movie Maker

    As usual, I have all the elements interconnected – video elements with the sound effect track elements + with the text track elements, etc. etc. – as it should be.

    BUT when I have to reduce the duration of just one element (e.g.that is at the beginning of the project) ALL the other elements, forward, are displaced from their place!!

    It's hard for me to explain, but its a very serious problem.

    In conclusion, I don't know how to change the duration of one element and ensure that all other elements,
    who are from that point, automatically adjust their position to keep everything as it was.

    If I have to adjust one by one, each time I change duration of 1 element, I'm dead.

    I tried to select them all with the mouse, I tried Alt + select elements or Ctrl + A, nothing worked, can't select.

    Thank you

  10. your tutorial i so helpful. you explained very well. i noticed i downloaded windows movie maker but what i got is showing moviezilla. i don't like false advertising as i'm reading the other comments i see what is happening. that's crazy. but Thank
    You for explaining so well

  11. This Tutorial is very simply explained, but now i have watched it 3 times. I want to add photos onto the videos and also a word sheet. i have clicked on add image , selected it, and then add to timeline, but its not co-operating. Help please. Obviously i am missing something

  12. I like the way which u r teaching b caz you r explaining every step in extremely simple English which makes it more impressive. I learnt a lot from your videos. thanx for such videos.

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