Pre Season 6 Kog'Maw Montage!

Hey guys! This is my Pre-Season 6 Kog’Maw Montage!

I was thinking about making a Twitch montage in the future so let me know if you’d be down with it.

To answer a couple questions, my final decision on building Kog’Maw is 1. Rageblade 2. Runaans 3. Bork 4. Maw 5. PD with the fervor keystone, not thunderlords.
Kog’Maw is very weak at the moment though in this meta, so I am playing alot of Twitch to keep ahead in rank and to continue my adc mechanics. Its really hard to kite with the current Kog’maw which makes him vulnerable to pretty much everything. I am going to wait till the season starts to pick him up again and see if Riot makes anymore changes.
Add me in game, Koggykage and SideStep

Games clips are from Diamond solo queue and ranked teams.

Song 1 – Diviners feat. Contacreast – Tropic Love (NCS Release)
Song 2 – Jim Yosef – Eclipse (NCS Release)
Song 3 – Jim Yosef – Firefly (NCS Release)
Song 4 – Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K) (NCS Release)

Thanks for watching again! Leave your feedback and a like to see more in the future 😀


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39 thoughts on “Pre Season 6 Kog'Maw Montage!

  1. I just heard what old kog was 5 minutes ago and I had to check it out, how the hell did riot ever relase that monster.

  2. Hey you say that it is really hard for kogmaw to kite, but there is a cool trick by changing your right click to c, attack move to x, and w to z, which lets you kite by just pressing z then repeatedly pressing x and c and pointing you mouse in the desired location. I love this trick and want to use it to climb out of bronze, but I want to have your thoughts about it. Also, is kog a good champ to get out of low elo with?

  3. i like jungle kogmaw he may not have that much ad but it really matters is the attack speed hes so strong

  4. Yeah senpai, recently you havent played kogmaw right, in i only see blitz and twitch game????

  5. I love your videos Senpai!!! I want to snipe people like you do melt their team while at it. Do you think Kog'Maw is worth maining in this weird meta we're in??9

  6. lol man its been a while geez lol school got you huh? good job can you do a tutorial on laining builds those kinda stuff pleasety

  7. i was the first to watch it XD
    can u make a guide to help the laning phase because i always lose in lane and have a hard time to come back

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