PSX Longplay #1: Lucky Luke

The Dalton boys, the baddest, meanest bank robbers in all of Arizona, have escaped from prison. Now it is up to lawman LUCKY LUKE to stop them. You take control of Luke as he travels through 17 levels of deserts, ghost towns, and runaway wagons on his way to capturing the Dalton boys. As luck would have it, Luke can pick up several useful items along the way: sheriff stars boost Luke’s maximum hit points, dynamite charges can blow obstacles and bad guys into small pieces, and the golden Luke Head gives the greatest boost with an extra life. Luke can also pick up money that can be use to buy extra supplies, as well as passwords that allow Luke to continue his quest. With the Dalton boys on the loose, no one is safe. Help LUCKY LUKE capture them and put them back where they belong prison.


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32 thoughts on “PSX Longplay #1: Lucky Luke

  1. the indian level is too long too scary i never finished it .. even now as an adult i'd rather not return to it

  2. If you're going to upload it how about learning to play the fucking thing beforehand? Spare us the agony! Good Lord.

  3. When I grew up playing this as a kid, the Mexican/Indian village with the creepy arse Phantom voodoo man chasing you around, and the freaky music that goes along with it when you entered a door gave me nightmares. Not cool! Haha!

  4. I always saw this game on the shelf at the video store when I was a teenager. Never got it cause it look so goofy. I might have been wrong.

  5. The fact that if you lost all your lives you hadda start from mission 1 sucked. I never beat the waterfall map towards the end of the game 🙁

  6. A homeboy this game this game right here. My sister Makaela and I made it very far. We got stuck at the mines. I still remember the password bad guy horse Lucky Luke dog

  7. I can not believe that got stuck in the train tunnel 121:00 end never finished the game , i was so close man.

  8. Return me feeling of my childhood. I was in first grade with no english knowledge so my cousing from canada, that visited us in summer holidays translated me everything. We played together, never pass the train part… But that feeling now…

  9. I and my brother accidentally discovered the code to the final showdown, it was the only way we managed to beat the game

  10. I was like 10 yearsbold dodnt unnderstand english so I was finishing the game in 1 play no passwords and shit :p

  11. Oh how i loved that music when rantanplan went over that small walkways xD Does anybody by chance know what this song is called?^^

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