Pure Virtual C++ 2020

A free one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community.

All sessions are pre-recorded and will be streamed with a live Q&A session.
Sessions will be available to view after the event has finished.

Pure Virtual C++ is run under the Berlin Code of Conduct

Dynamic Polymorphism with Metaclasses and Code Injection with Sy Brand (00:05:45)
Video link:

Optimize Your C++ Development While Working From Home
with Nick Uhlenhuth (01:35:00)
Video link:

C++ Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio and WSL
with Erika Sweet (02:05:00)
Video link:

Lucky 7 – Designing Text Encodings for C++
with JeanHeyd Meneide (03:05:00)
Video link:

C++ Development with Visual Studio Code
with Julia Reid (04:34:44)
Video link:

Peeking Safely at a Table with Concepts
with Gabriel Dos Reis (06:05:22)
Video link:

Practical C++20 Modules and the future of tooling around C++ Modules
with Cameron DaCamara (06:35:00)
Video link:

Update on MSVC’s implementation of the C++20 Standard Library
with Mahmoud Saleh (07:35:15)
Video link:

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12 thoughts on “Pure Virtual C++ 2020

  1. I took for granted that VS's buildsystem was evolved-enough to be able to use all cores on the local machine when building. If that's the case, why would we need an Incredibuild extension if we stay local-only ?

  2. @Sy Brand aka. @TartanLlama at github or @anybody in the know :-):
    I've successfully build a release version of the experimental compiler you linked to: "https://gitlab.com/lock3/clang" on Win 10 with vs2019 preview – (cl.exe version 19.26.28805), but I have no idea how to install it to be usable? Did you use windows/cl to build your version,- linux (wsl?) or even ('makes 3 consecutive signs of the cross while chanting a silent prayer') – macOS :-). How did you install it after building. As far as I can see, when building on Windows, no STL library is created. Can I use VS2019pre STL? (found in <VsInstallDir>VCToolsMSVC14.26.28801include).
    I really want to try out the Metaclasses thingy. It sounds so compelling. (Heard about it first in the video of Herb Sutter's talk at cppcon 2017 "Meta: Thoughts on generative C++" and thought, this is the way to make C++ the language for both newbies and experts. :-))

  3. Please edit the video description with relative times, because it's not practical to seek the 8 hours to find a presentation.

  4. Hi Sy Brand,
    I like your presentation, but one doubt, if we create object like Cat{} then, call constructor of the class or struct cat. But after that line, destructor is automatically called. So if we use any member variable in speak(), the application may be crash.

  5. 02:05:00 : Start of Erika Sweet's presentation (3rd), "C++ Cross-Platform
    Development with Visual Studio and WSL"

    04:34:44 : Start of Julia Reid's presentation (5th), "C++ Development with
    Visual Studio Code"

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