Questions about Kim Jong Un's health intensify | DW News

There are new questions over the health status of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Reports from the Reuters news agency say medical experts have been sent from China to advise on Kim’s health. Earlier this week, media in South Korea reported that he was recovering after a cardiovascular procedure. But the leader hasn’t been seen in public and speculation of a serious heart condition persists. North Korea is challenging suggestions that their leader is gravely ill.


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44 thoughts on “Questions about Kim Jong Un's health intensify | DW News

  1. Isn't this obvious? He's contracted Covid-19 and being obese and a heavy smoker he developed severe complications. The simplest answer is the most probable.

  2. N K Propagandist – Our Premier Leader doesn't even POOP!

    World – So he died of Constipation!😂😂😀😄

  3. He is ill none of your business, no one will be see him until he is well or he has passed it, North Korea does not bother the world in the slightest.

  4. Nostradamus have predicted that one big leader will die and another one will get severely ill. Is this what he was talking about?

  5. People here hoping he is dead…. the crisis that could arise from his death, the power struggle, and the potential destabilization of the nation could possibly lead to either a civil war, or one of foreign intervention. This could be bad for everyone

  6. Are we gonna see the first female dictator? Damnnn even nk got the first female leader before us. (Not complaining, love trump)

  7. As a South Korean, I'm bit worried because we can't guarantee the unification between North and South Korea. China will never leave us to unite, and I'm worried that China government have enough power to absorb North Korea. We can't certify the Kim Jung Un 's death, but if so, we don't want any of the interference of other countries. I believe that unification mustn't be stopped because of other countries, and they even don't have authorities to do so. It is under by North and South Korea's authority, and we will autonomously decide the unification. We hope China to give up the North Korea. It is heartbreaking if I realize that we are still sharing the same history that is about 5000 years being maintained.

  8. Wait a minute . . . there's something fishy here. I personally know countless people people in their 40s, 50s and 60s who smoke, drink and are way more obese than Jong Un, yet they seem to be okay, health-wise, so far.

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