sppsvc.exe High CPU usage Problem Solve in windows 10

sppsvc.exe or which called Microsoft software protection platform service sometimes it takes high CPU usage while you play games or do something else in Windows 10, today I fixed the problem with process hacker 2

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22 thoughts on “sppsvc.exe High CPU usage Problem Solve in windows 10

  1. Fixed That Problem ? have Different Way to Fix it? Found Similar Problem ? or Anything Else ……… just Comment And Show Yourself!

  2. It actually helped thank you but when I suspend it, I can't use any platforms of Microsoft, such as Word (to be more specific, it works for several minutes and then does not respond!)

  3. Hello ZinoTCE ! Dude… i look that FU****** problem in my task manager. I found it just
    completely by accident, because my the fans on my ASUS ROG going crazy. With GPU-Z i check my GPU temp in normal mode (use youtube, winamp) my gpu UP temp to 70C. When i open task manager and this process still there GPU TEMP is HIGH. After I END this process GPU TEMP down to 47-50 c ?! WTF – YEAH – GPU no CPU temp

  4. when i suspend sppsvc it makes my pc show "activate windows" a few minutes later even though i have genuine copy of windows

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