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Would you like to learn the basics of relational databases? Join us for this look at SQL Database fundamentals, along with those of database management systems and database components. Get an in-depth introduction to the terminology, concepts, and skills you need to understand database objects, administration, security, and management tools. Plus, explore T-SQL scripts, database queries, and data types.

Start with a look at creating tables, inserting data, and querying data in tables. Then, learn about data manipulation, optimize database performance, and work with non-relational data. Get practical help on basic database administration, including installation and configuration, backup and restore, security, monitoring, and maintenance. Take this SQL Database tutorial to prepare for additional online courses for database administrators (DBAs), developers, data scientists, and big data specialists. Check it out!

1 | Introduction to Databases
2 | Getting Started with Tables
3 | Working with Data in Tables
4 | Optimizing Database Performance
5 | Working with Non-Relational Data
6 | Basic Database Administration

Video source via: MVA

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  1. Microsoft Should of Kept the MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) I'm sure those who use the MVA is that the content is outdated, but the content is useful for those who use the MVA portal at the time.

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