Surface Go Review – It’s Awesome

Dave2D review of the Microsoft Surface Go. This is the best 2 in 1 laptop from Microsoft for students on a tighter budget.
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This 2in1 tablet/laptop is incredibly small and has a ton of potential for people who need an ultra portable device that can be used as a comfortable tablet as well as a very functional laptop. This is great for developers, students, work or even for media consumption as a secondary device.

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21 thoughts on “Surface Go Review – It’s Awesome

  1. Surface Go has a ton of potential. I wish the keyboard wasn't so expensive but it really is a tiny and super portable Surface computer. Thanks for watching!

  2. I think this is SUCH a good option for students, I'm actually going to buy this laptop soon and can't wait to take it to uni after lockdown

  3. Dude this is awesome. I just (weeks before the release of the Go 2) grabbed an OG Surface Go in excellent condition for like $350 full specs. I love it. It has become my main computer even though I have the OG Surface Book with the 16 GB of RAM for work and my personal computer of choice before this was the 2017 MacBook Air. The screen on this little Go is far better than the Air and way more portable than the Surface Book. I absolutely love it. I do still have the MacBook Air but for the last few weeks I have barely used it really. I might just sell it and use an old desktop with a ton of ports to manage all my external hard drives and run my home server. Other than that, the Go is really all I need.

  4. Had the Go 1. Loved it… But there is a Windows App Gap.

    Great, best in class (Type Covers are the best tablet keyboards)
    Great functionality.
    Pen. (But its extra)
    USB-C, but it took forever to charge. It died while charging via USB-C

    Apps are non-existent.
    Pentium Gold CPU is a joke. F.U. Intel.

    Btw, I used a cheap USB-C dock and it was wonderful! Had an external monitor, Razer Wired Mouse plugged into the dock.

  5. What is it like to use as a tablet. Last time I tried to navigate around windows using my finger it was a pain

  6. The Brydge keyboards are a really elegant solution to the "lapability" problem with Surface and similar devices.

  7. Can I use it as my main laptop? I am a college student. I'll only need it for youtube, PowerPoint presentations, web browsing and Netflix.

  8. 2019 – Keyboard is $100, it’s expensive.
    2020 – iPad Pro magic keyboard $300…
    Surface keyboards are now cheap.

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