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38 thoughts on “SURFACE PRO (2018)

  1. Just ordered the surface pro 6, I watched your review a few months back. It came in handy in making my decision to buy it. Thanks

  2. Where did you get you fortnite piñata wallpaper? Found similar ones but couldn’t find that specific one

  3. You are so so beautiful!! There’s a point where the camera zoomed in on your mouth and omg your mouth like everyday detail of you is so sexy

  4. I like your videos, y eso a pesar de que hablo español, do you like the llama? ha ha, thanks you

  5. The only beauty here is you ♡.
    The Beauty itself becomes the Lover of whose Beauty,

    O Heart! Does someone among the beautiful has that beauty?

  6. Surface pro is not stable….always causing troubles in client meetings ….wth, bought it just because of the design

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