UFC 3 Gameplay – Bruce Lee vs Conor McGregor

What would happen if the most famous martial artist of the 70s faced arguably the most famous mixed martial artist of today? We’ll never know, but here it is played out in UFC 3.

UFC 3 Beta Gameplay – Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz

UFC 3 Career Mode Gameplay Details – 5 Things You Need to Know:

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44 thoughts on “UFC 3 Gameplay – Bruce Lee vs Conor McGregor

  1. En la realidad, bruce lee no tendría problemas con Connor y lo derrotaría como a muchos grandes derrotó bruce lee

  2. Smh Conor would have no chance man the fact they let Conor land punches on him like tht is disrespectful the fight would but over in 20 seconds

  3. LOL. Bruce Lee kicked at least 12 times faster in real life. It wasn't visible. They had to tone it down for the making of the movies. But in reality, Bruce's kicks were lethal, powerful and blindingly fast.
    Just..look at this 😂 6:14

  4. Should i buy this game in 2020? Anyone play this online? I remember trying demo but never liked these UFC games because the physics are not there yet imo.

  5. Let’s be real here, lee would have never been hit my mcgregor. He would have used connors aggression against him

  6. 10:31 you're wrong at this point, never take you eyes off your enemy even while bowing, even though he's knocked out

  7. in this game the impact of the hits is ridicolous, seems like a punch right in the face is just an innocent slap

  8. Trust me..if bruce lee defeated..this video likes automatically converted into DISLIKES..

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