Visual Studio 2010 tutorial: Getting started |

This Visual Studio tutorial shows how to get started creating a new project. Watch more at

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter two of the Visual Studio 2010 Essential Training course presented by author Walt Ritscher. The complete Visual Studio 2010 Essential Training course has a total duration of 8 hours and 9 minutes and covers working with code editors, navigating and formatting code, and deploying applications

Visual Studio 2010 Essential Training table of contents:

1. Getting Started
2. Exploring the Visual Studio Workspace (IDE)
3. Building a Simple Application
4. Exploring the Code Editors
5. Working with Code
6. Understanding the Project Types
7. Digging Into Your Data
8. Debugging Your Application
9. Testing Your Application
10. Deploying Your Application
11. Working with Source Control
12. Integrating with Microsoft Office Applications
13. Extending Visual Studio
14. Configuring Your Application


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19 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2010 tutorial: Getting started |

  1. im pissed. ive now been searching for over an hour just trying to open visual studio.

    why is this obvious AF bullshit coming up when i search how to open visual studio?
    people say that more people should programme but still have the nerve to avoid explaining how to open any languages. fml, i only wanna know how to open the bloody programme ffs

  2. i not speek englishe, mais comment je peux interagir Office dans VB? et comment je peux appeler une Image dans VB et le stocker dans la Basse de données (par exemple SQL Serveur). merci d'avance de pouvoir collaboré.

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