Word 2013 Tutorial – Part 1 for Professionals and Students

A comprehensive tutorial on Microsoft Word 2013 to recharge your career and gain the proper skills for your resume. Concepts based. Easy to understand. Check out also our website:

Working files to follow the video hands-on are available from here:


1:00 Getting started and general concepts
10:30 Using templates
12:30 Basic features under the home tab:
23:00 Using styles, etc.
29:30 Inserting a table in a document
35:45 Inserting pictures and media in a document
41:30 Inserting SmartArt in a document
45:45 Inserting Headers and footers in a document
50:20 Inserting comments in a document
53:00 Applying a design theme to a document
55:30 Changing Margins, orientation and formatting in a document

This video covers:
– Getting started with Word 2013
– General tools under the Home Tab
– Formatting text
– Using styles to format text and creating new custom formatting styles.
– Inserting tables in a document
– Inserting pictures and media and customizing the media
– Inserting SmartArt in a document and customizing it
– Inserting Headers and footers in a document
– Applying a design theme to a document

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26 thoughts on “Word 2013 Tutorial – Part 1 for Professionals and Students

  1. Hi, I'm checking to your excel word tutorial, I have never used excel word, but now, I'm writing a book and the first thing I want it to have a format A 4 or A 5 and looks like a vertical way book, at the first it looks like that, but then after I did something wrong and now it won't change at all, I'm going to keep watching this tutorial but please give me any advice, thanks

  2. I would like to commend you for your informative videos. I found them comprehensible enough that I can use MS Word without bothering people to teaching me the basic features of window-based apps such as Word.

    Greetings from the Philippines!

  3. All I want to do is type a simple letter. I clicked on the Blank form before consulting any tutorial and typed the text properly distributed, but what came out when I printed it was a " microscopic " version of the print-preview concentrated in the upper third of the page, and no matter what enlargement I applied, the print-out retained its miniature version. I could not find in this tutorial so far anything which would help me out of this dilemma. At this time, I just use e-mail where I can arrange a letter to my heart's content with no instructions at all. If I want to increase the space between lines or paragraphs, I simply press the ENTER KEY, no instructions required.If I were to write a tutorial, I would not throw the entire ribbon with menus,submenus and subsub…, at the innocent beginner but would start with a specific task at one time and subsequently proceed to the other available options ONE – AT – TIME. The fact is, I never had this  problem with any previous programs. Word 2013 has me thoroughly frustrated.

  4. i watch it now , it's 2018 now. i have certificate for word 2016. and tomorrow i have word 2013 test. this would help.. but word 2013 and 2016 is same,

  5. Thank you so much Sali Kaceli! It's not easy to find a thorough and comprehensive tutorial (sadly) on line. You go into the right amount of detail – not to slow or too fast! I have been reviewing this and part II for days for upcoming test! Only suggestion is that big red arrow on the bottom right of the screen can block some info. – especially in the mail merge portion,

  6. thank you very much if in this video all things have, you are god for poor people like me who can not attend classes . god helps you give you whatever you want

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